Mud Valve Operators

Long Live the Mud Valve!
So reliable it’s legendary.
Long Live the Mud Valve!

Mud Valve Floor Stands

Floor Stands

Floor stands are used for floor level operation of mud valves. They allow easy use and indication of your valve.


  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Cast Ductile Iron

Custom Options:

  • Fabricated to desired height
  • Rising, non-rising or offset configurations
  • Indicating or non-indicating
  • 83, 144, and 288 turn options
  • Pre-machined to accept electric or manual actuators
  • Water tight model
  • Bushed guide plate at base for stem guidance
  • Handwheels or operating nuts
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Mud Valve Extension Stems

Extension Stems

Extension stems bring the operation of the mud valve closer to the operator, making it faster and safer to open the valve.


  • Carbon or 304/316 stainless steel, solid bar stock or pipe

Custom Options:

  • Field adjustable–no welding required
  • U-joints for offset applications
  • Handwheels, operating nuts, couplings, and stem guides
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Mud Valve Floor Boxes

Floor Box

Floor boxes are installed in a concrete floor or slab, and offer a non-obstructing point of operation for the valve. These should only be used with non-rising stem valves.


  • Cast iron

Custom Options:

  • Bronze bushing bored to specification
  • Field adjustable to 8”, 10”, or 12” floor thickness
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Stem Guides for Mud Valves

Stem Guides

Troy Valve stem guides prevent bending or buckling for reliable inline operation of the extension stem.


  • Stem Guides
    • Cast Ductile Iron
    • Cast Stainless Steel
  • Bushings
    • Bronze
    • UHMW

Custom Options:

  • Custom bushing materials
  • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations
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Penn-Troy has a complete collection of operators for all our valve products. We provide both manual and automated systems, precise and gross visual indication, extension stems, stem guides and more.

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