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Penn-Troy Products are Made in the USA

Penn-Troy believes in American manufacturing and always has. Since 1959, we have been manufacturing our own products from our facility in the small town of Troy, PA. We strive to utilize American materials and manufacturing in our production. We contribute to the U.S. economy by proudly employing over 30 workers. We firmly stand by the Buy American Act (BAA) and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Ensuring Quality

We believe quality products are a reflection of safe, green manufacturing and strict adherence to labor laws. Many of our products already meet or exceed the requirements under the Environmental Protection Agency's American Iron and Steel (AIS) law, which states that all products produced for public water systems and treatment plants should be of American-made iron or steel. American iron and steel manufacturers have developed efficiency control devices on metalworking operations to control emissions. Overseas manufacturers, however, are not always governed by strict environment and labor laws, and therefore do not contribute to the longevity of our planet and its people. For pricing and availability on AIS products, please call 800-232-4442.

Creating Jobs & Boosting the Economy

Buying American not only ensures quality, but helps to grow our economy by creating jobs right here. In fact, “if every builder used 5 percent more U.S. made products, it could create 220,000 new jobs” (Boston Consulting Group).

The U.S. trade deficit is at an all-time high, ranking number one for the highest deficit in the world. The second highest deficit is nearly five times less than ours. Buying American can help us stop unsustainable borrowing and reduce our debts.

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