Premium Cast Iron Epoxy Coated Mud Valve for Reliable Performance 

The Ultimate Mud Valve Solution 

The Troy Valve Cast Iron Epoxy Coated Mud Valve is a robust and reliable solution for effective water management in potable and wastewater systems. Engineered for durability and ease of use, this valve is an essential component for efficient fluid control. 

Long Live the Mud Valve!
So reliable it's legendary.

Why Troy Cast Iron Mud Valves?

1. Versatile Operation

Compatible with a 2" square nut, sleeve coupling, hand wheel, and floor stand, offering flexible operation options. Ideal for diverse settings, from sludge environments to clean water systems.

2. Standard Gasket for Bronze Seating

Patented design forms a bubble-tight seal that won’t leak, even when minor debris obstructs the valve.

3. TNEMEC Epoxy Coating

Superior mud cast protection with an epoxy coating that meets NSF-61 standards, ensuring long-term performance.

4. Low Torque Stem

Extra strong, low torque stem exceeds AWWA specs.

5. Plug Body Contains No Through Holes

No holes mean fewer opportunities for leaks.

6. A Range of Sizes

From 3" - 30", we have a mud valve that can meet your specifications.

7. Plug Stem Utilizes Hydraulic Relief Slots

This critical feature allows sludge to drain out so your valve won't jam.

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Size Range: 3" and even sizes 4"-30"
Epoxy Coated Cast Iron Mud Valves

Typical Configurations

Find all the operator options there are for your mud valve application.

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Mud Valve Operators

Find all the operator options and accessories you need for opening and closing your mud valve.

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