Standard Flap Check Valves or Standard Flap Gates  

Be Free of Debris!

Troy Valve's flap valves, also known as flap check/gate valves, are engineered for excellence in water management applications. Designed to attach seamlessly to the end of a flanged pipe, our flap valves allow water to flow out while preventing backflow and debris, such as sticks and leaves, from entering the system.  

Ideal for use in tanks, lagoons, ponds, and water & wastewater plants, these valves ensure that sediment remains undisturbed at the bottom, promoting clearer water and less maintenance. 

Long Live the Mud Valve!
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Standard Features

1. Cast Iron Design

As opposed to fabricated parts, our cast parts have less potential for failure over time.

2. Machined Bronze to Bronze Seat

Our machined seat provides a strong, flat surface for the lid to close against. It can withstand even the harshest conditions.  The 30" to 36" flap valves employ resilient to bronze seating.

3. Two Part Epoxy Coating

Our flap valves have a coating that gives lasting protection against corrosion.

4. Stainless Steel Hinge & Cotter Pins

Our valve pins are made of stainless steel so they won’t corrode and bind up the valve.

5. Optional Resilient to Bronze Seating

This allows for a softer reseating surface and can offer an improved seal.

Standard Flap Check Valve

Stainless Steel Flap Valves

Penn-Troy offers a 4” flap valve in 304 and 316 stainless steel and a 6” valve in 316 stainless steel. Each disc is supplied with a buna-n seal.

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Size Range: Cast Iron 3” - 36"
       Stainless Steel 3" - 6"
Stainless Flap Valve

Enhanced Operation Details

Our flap valves are engineered to function flawlessly within your water management system. Once installed correctly, the Troy Valve A2540 Flap Valve operates precisely, swinging open under direct pressure to facilitate the smooth release of outfall fluid. As soon as this pressure diminishes, the valve automatically closes, preventing backflow.

A distinctive feature of this model is its 10-degree inclined seating plane, meticulously designed to guarantee positive and secure seating every time, ensuring that your system operates efficiently and without interruption.

Maintenance Guidelines

To maintain the exceptional performance of your flap valve, we recommend conducting periodic inspections. These checks are crucial for verifying that the flap disc continues to swing freely, a critical factor in the valve's effective operation.

Additionally, inspecting the bronze seats for any signs of wear or damage is important. Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of your valve but also ensures it operates at peak efficiency, safeguarding your water management system against potential issues.

Installation Instructions

For the flap valve to perform as designed, it must be installed with precision. Following the 125-lb. template, the valve's flange should be positioned so that the bolt holes straddle the vertical center line. This alignment is critical for the valve's proper operation and effectiveness.

We provide detailed drawings specifying the required diameter and quantity of bolts, ensuring a seamless installation process. Following these guidelines will ensure that your valve is installed correctly and functions as intended, providing reliable service for years to come.

Parts and Support

We offer a comprehensive selection of parts, available upon request, to ensure your flap valve continues to operate effectively. Whether you need guidance during installation, maintenance tips, or replacement parts, our experts are just a contact away, ready to provide the support you need.

Application Notes

Head Loss Through a Flap Valve

Tests have been performed by Rodney Hunt Company in Massachusetts and other companies to determine the head loss through a flap valve. The tests showed that the head loss is small in comparison with other losses in the system. Tests were run with the flap disc removed from the valve and then with the flap disc in place. The difference in the head loss was therefore the result of the disc. The approximate maximum head loss obtained for the various sizes of flap valves is as shown in the following table:

                    6                                 .031
                   12                                 .05
                   18                                 .076
                   24                                 .11



Flap Valve Sensitivity

Flap valves are normally very sensitive and open with a differential head of less than .2 ft.

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