Stainless Steel Mud Valves

No Breaking.
No Kidding.

Stainless steel mud valves are designed for heavy duty uses ranging from very corrosive environments to potable drinking water plants.

Long Live the Mud Valve!
So reliable it's legendary.

What Makes a Troy Mud Valve Unique?

1. Valves are 3rd party tested by an ACLASS accredited ISO certified lab.

The test results were so convincing, they surpassed even our expectations, and we are comfortable claiming that our valves outperform any on the market today.

2. All components are cast in 316 stainless steel.

The valve’s construction has been proven to resist corrosion over long periods of time.

3. Stem is made of rolled ACME threads.

As opposed to cut threads, our rolled thread stems are harder and have reduced stress concentrations for better valve longevity.

4. Plug stem utilizes hydraulic relief slots.

This critical feature allows any sludge to drain out so your valve won’t jam.

5. Plug body contains no through holes.

To put it simply, no holes means less opportunities for leaks.

6. Grout pocket enables tanks to empty completely.

Unique to our stainless steel design, the grout pocket allows grout to be flush with the drain hole, enabling tanks to empty completely. No other valve on the market has this feature!

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Size Range: 3" and even sizes 4"-24"
Stainless Steel Mud Valve

Typical Configurations

Find all the operator options there are for your mud valve application.

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Mud Valve Operators

Find all the operator options and accessories you need for opening and closing your mud valve.   

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