Posted on in Todd Talks by Todd Johnson

My favorite time of year is finally here. The occasional cool day has already begun to elbow its way into the week now and then, and cool weather eventually dominate each week. Leaves have started to change into their more colorful attire. Soon, I'll be mulching them for my garden and putting my mower away for a long, well deserved winters nap. But, for now, I'm settling for football games on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday- until the full autumnal beauty is on display.

I like comfortable weather. It's nice to be able to do things outside without sweating or without wearing so many layers it's a chore just to get ready to go outside. A fire is nice to sit next to in the fall, no matter what time of day. Add a cup of hot cocoa or apple cider and some fresh donuts, and all the weight of everyday life suddenly melts away with each sip and bite.

There are so many exciting things happening this time of year. Construction season begins to slow, which isn't always good for my line of work. But maybe the cool weather will serve as a reminder to contractors to get their orders in, so they can button up their ground work, before the ground refuses to work with them.

As I already mentioned, football season is underway. Also this time of year, baseball season finally starts to get serious, with pennant races taking shape. Stores are beginning to fill up with bags of treats for the kids in costumes, and families are starting to make travel plans for Thanksgiving not to mention Christmas. But it's too early for me to start thinking about that one.

Here in north central Pennsylvania, September means hunters will be making their preparations for the various large game seasons such as deer, bear, and even elk. Traffic will start to pick up soon too because of all the hunters, including those from out of state who will be making their way to camps throughout the area.

There is just something about fall in a small town like Troy, PA, that makes me remember the simplicity and enjoyment of my youth. Now if it will just stop raining long enough for anyone to enjoy the season...