Thanksgiving Facts and Figures

Posted on in Todd Talks by Todd Johnson

As we prepare to sit down with friends and family this Thanksgiving, let’s look at some interesting things you may or may not know about this day of indulgence.

  • Thanksgiving was first declared a national holiday in 1863 (by President Lincoln).
  • There are 4 towns in the US named Turkey.
  • The average person will consume around 4,000 calories on Thanksgiving.
  • The projected average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people this year (2022): $53.31
  • 46 million Thanksgiving turkeys are consumed each year.
  • 10 is the average number of guests (including household members) at Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Americas favorite Thanksgiving dish: Turkey…duh. It’s also the most essential!
  • Pumpkin pie is the most popular Thanksgiving pie in the US (Apple is second).
  • 97% of US households celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • The percentage of Americans that say they eat leftovers for 2-3 days after Thanksgiving: 53%
  • 66% of people report trying to avoid talking politics on Thanksgiving. The other 34% like to argue…probably.
  • In 2021, Americans spent $5.1 billion online on Thanksgiving Day.
  • The first football game played on Thanksgiving was in 1876 (Yale vs. Princeton). The NFL first played on the holiday in 1920.
  • The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was first held in 1924, although it was originally called the Macy’s Christmas Day Parade, despite being held on Thanksgiving. The parade has a 2.5-mile route.
  • 31% of Americans will travel for Thanksgiving, 47% of them traveling by car.
  • House fires as a result of cooking are 2.5 times more likely on Thanksgiving.
  • The US is, by far, the world’s largest producer of turkey in the world.
  • In 1960, the average turkey weighed just under 17 lbs. Today, the average bird weighs 30 lbs.!
  • A turkey lives 3 to 4 years in the wild, on average. They hatch between 4-17 eggs a year, and can fly at speeds of up to 55 MPH.
  • The average Thanksgiving meal takes 7 hours to prepare and just 16 minutes to eat.

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday. Please stay safe and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving!