Posted on in Todd Talks by Todd Johnson

I know everyone from a very young age learns what trust means. But I feel that as we age, the meaning of the word gets distorted. Much like the word "literally." Man, is that word over used—and misused.

Trust is special. As children, we trust our parents to take care of us. This is probably the truest form of trust we will ever have with another person. As we age, we get burned and become more hesitant to trust. We eventually tell ourselves and others that we trust them. People like our friends, significant others, and family.

What do we really trust? Well, I trust the sun. I trust that it will be there every day. Whether it's behind clouds or brightly shining in the sky, I trust that it is there and will be there tomorrow. I don't even think about it. To me, that is real trust. No worry, no second guessing.

At Penn-Troy, we pride ourselves on the fact that our customers can trust us. They can trust us to deliver just what they order, in a timely manner, at a fair cost, and to be there if they have any questions. We strive to go the extra step to make their experience with us a pleasant one that keeps them coming back. To us, it's as natural as the spinning of the earth around the sun. To be counted on daily, without fail.

How can we earn your trust today?