When Love Is Your Superpower

Posted on in Todd Talks by Todd Johnson

Imagine if you were a superhero. Your special power is Love and you can make other people love with your powers. Not making them love you, but just love something or someone.

Every superhero has a weakness and you will be no different. Each time you use your super power, you become more vulnerable to hate and sadness. And conversely, when someone loves you, you become more powerful. Again, you cannot use your powers to make anyone love you. That would be like finding a magic lamp, having the genie give you three wishes and then using one of the three wishes to wish for more wishes. That's not allowed.

So, how do you make someone love you? I'm certain that is impossible. But I'm sure as a superhero you will have a hefty amount of adoring fans. So that's a start. I think with any sort of notoriety, comes jealousy from others, which leads to dislike and hate. Think about a singer, actor or actress, or an athlete that you have never met but you are sure that you don't like. I know I'm not the only one that dislikes someone I have never met for completely unreasonable or irrational reasons…or, sometimes, for no real reason at all. It's not unreasonable that our superhero would encounter this same issue. It's at the center of virtually every comic book or super hero movie. The eventual villain sees the attention that the hero is getting and decides to rise and do something.

But can you imagine what this super power could do in the world? There is much love in the world today but I think you could agree that there could always be a little bit more. Think of all the little children that may be left alone or that feel abandoned due to someone else's choices. Or think of the older generation who are lonely without anyone to talk to or see. With your ability to make other people love these lost and lonely will again find happiness in someone new. Maybe even preventing future actions that they would regret.

We all know where the conflict between hero and villain leads. The hero always wins. Love always wins. Now the only thing left to decide is what your skin tight costume will look like.