Floor Type Pressure Relief Valves

Performance Under Pressure

Located on the bottom of a tank, floor type pressure relief valves open up when excess groundwater is present to prevent floating, which can cause cracking and other serious issues.

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Unique Features

1. Machined Seat

Our strong, flat surface lid with resilient to bronze seating outperforms typical rubber to rubber seals, which are very wide and difficult to seal properly.

2. Removable Grate

Designed for easy maintenance, the grate can be accessed simply by removing the lid and reaching in. No tools are required.

3. Extendable with PVC

With the ability to extend to match exact wall thickness, our valve eliminates the need for extra field work.

4. Rubber Gasket Bonded to Lid

Our gasket won't collapse under water pressure because it is bonded to the lid.

5. Integral Cast Water Stop

Because our water stop is integrated into the cast valve, we can help prevent water from leaking around the valve.

Floor Pressure Relief Valve


Cast Iron

  • Epoxy coating
  • Machined bronze seat

316 Stainless Steel

  • Machined stainless steel seat

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Size Range: Even sizes 4" and 6"
Floor Epoxy coating

The valve opens as a result of hydrostatic pressure underneath the tank exceeding the inside pressure. The opening action allows water to flow into the tank thus equalizing pressure both inside and outside of the tank.

The valve requires no lubrication. There is no requirement for regular maintenance. Valve seats should be visually inspected for damage when the valve is accessible.

The water pressure relief valves are to be mounted vertically only. Care should be taken to prevent damage to the seats when placing in form and pouring concrete. Cover and grate should be installed in the body, turned a quarter turn, and tested to be sure cover and grate cannot lift off body.

Parts are available by request. Please contact us for more information.

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