Weighted Flap Valves or Weighted Flap Gates

Be Free of Debris!
Be Free of Debris!

Weighted Flap Valves or Weighted Flap Gates, give added resistance to the lid, allowing for the valve to be angled downward (or even upside down) and still have the lid be closed. Under direct pressure the valve will open to allow water to flow out, but closes to prevent debris from entering.

Standard Features

Weighted Flap Valve

1. Adjustable Counterweight. The location of the counterweight on the flap valve can be adjusted to allow flexibility in the field.

2. Mechanical Stop. To prevent the lid from over-rotating for pump discharge applications, our weighted flap valves incorporate a mechanical stop.

3. Cast Iron Design. As opposed to fabricated parts, our cast parts have less potential for failure over time.

4. Machined Bronze to Bronze. Our machined seat provides a softer reseating surface because of the extra weight. The 30" to 36" flap valves employ resilient to bronze seating.

5. Two Part Epoxy Coating. Our flap valves have a coating that gives lasting protection against corrosion.

6. Stainless Steel Hinge & Cotter Pins. Our valve pins are made of stainless steel so they won’t corrode and bind up the valve.


When properly installed, the flap valve will swing open under direct pressure to release the outfall fluid and close when the direct pressure is relieved. The Troy Valve A2540 Flap Valve has a 10-degree inclined seating plane to ensure positive seating.


Periodic inspection is recommended to determine that the flap disc remains free to swing open and that the bronze seats have not been damaged.


Valve must be installed so that the bolt holes in the flange (125-lb. template) straddle the vertical center line. See drawing for diameter and quantity required.


Parts are available by request. Please contact us for more information.