Non-Rising Telescoping Valves

Space-Saving Operation
Fast-Acting, <br />Space-Saving Operation

Non-rising t-valves are useful in applications with a low overhead clearance or the need for rapid actuation during siphoning or regulating fluid levels.

Screw-Type Model

Numbered Non-Rising Telescoping Valve

1. Anti-Rotation Assembly
Unique to Penn-Troy, this feature is crucial to your t-valve. Anti-rotation reassures that your efforts aren’t wasted with a slip tube that’s just turning in place.

2. Rapid Travel
A custom quadruple lead ACME thread allows the valve 16 turns per foot of travel for quick operation.

3. Self-Locking Design
A safety advantage, the self-locking mechanism also ensures the valve holds its position over time.

4. Floor Stand Indication
Non-actuated models have the option of an easy-to-read, full indication in a compact footprint. Floor stands come completely assembled for easy installation.

5. All Stainless Steel Construction
All components are stainless steel for a corrosion-resistant, long-lasting design guaranteed against galling.

6. Preassembled Floor Stand
The floor stand comes completely assembled and set in closed position for easier installation. No installation is required for the internal components of the floor stand.

Telescoping Valve Operators

Find all the operators you need for your t-valve.