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The key to a sealed valve box is a quality sealing valve box lid. Valve boxes provide access for operating underground valves and can also serve as a cleanout or inspection access point for underground systems. Troy Valve's valve box lids seal out water and dirt and feature exceptional durability in the field.

Sealing Valve Box Lids are made to fit many standard valve boxes used by authorities and municipalities.


Sealing Valve Box


Sealing Valve Box Features

  • Built-in lip allows for effortless removal of the lid from the valve box, eliminating the need for tools  
  • Sturdy construction of locking mechanism prevents damage like cracking, bending, and breaking even under the weight of heavy vehicles
  • Lids are aesthetically customizable to meet both uniformity standards and city regulations 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sealing valve box?

The sealing valve box is created to prevent water, dirt, insects, and gases from entering or exiting your valve box. Its locking mechanism and compression seal provide peace of mind, ensuring that the contents of your valve box are secure, clean, and protected from moisture.

How is a sealing valve box removed?

We offer custom tools to make sealing valve box removal easy. Tools are sold separately from valve accessories.

What makes the Penn-Troy sealing valve box different?

Penn-Troy offers a comprehensive range of options to ensure the smooth operation of your valves, regardless of your specific requirements. We are dedicated to working with you to tailor our products to meet your unique specifications.