Wastewater Position Indicators   


Know Where Your Valve Is 

Wastewater position indicators are used to indicate, measure, and monitor revolutions. The Penn-Troy wastewater position indicators include the following features: 


  • Indicates up to 9,999.9 turns  
  • Mechanical readout  
  • Accurate within 1/10th of a turn  
  • Opens left or right
  • Water resistant
  • Can be mounted on stem guides, floor stands, or in a floor box
  • One size fits all
Wastewater Position Indicator


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wastewater position indicator? 

Wastewater position indicators are intended to accurately inform valve operators about the position of their valves. 

What is included with a wastewater position indicate?  

Wastewater position indicators are supplied as an assembly with a valve box adaptor, the indicator, and an operating stem adaptor.  

What makes the Penn-Troy water pressure relief valve different? 

Penn-Troy wastewater position indicators are created to provide valve operators with a clear and precise understanding of the position of their valves, regardless of the type of industry or usage scenario.