Water Pressure Relief Valves

Performance Under Pressure

Water pressure relief valves help balance the pressure between groundwater and the interior of tanks and digesters. If a tank were to float, it could result in severe cracking and other structural problems. When the water table rises and causes an increase in hydrostatic pressure, the pressure relief valve is activated, releasing water into the tank and preventing it from floating. 

Cast Wall Relief Valve

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a water pressure relief valve? 

Water pressure relief valves serve to prevent concrete tanks from floating due to excessive groundwater pressure.  

What are the two types of water pressure relief valves?  

There are floor type water pressure relief valves and wall type water pressure relief valves. Floor pressure relief valves are located at the bottom of a tank. Wall type pressure water relief valves are installed in the side walls of water treatment tanks.  

What makes the Penn-Troy water pressure relief valve different? 

Penn-Troy manufacturing has been engineering and producing its own products since 1959. Our water pressure relief valves are state-of-the-art and made from American materials.